Home Theater

Home Theater is a broad term and by definition means replication of the movie theater experience in your own home. Our opinion is…why replicate it when it can be made better? With a home theater designed and installed by us you will never go to a theater again, we can even provide the popcorn machine, seating and décor!  Your home theater should provide a better picture, better sound, better acoustics and overall better experience than you get at the theater. Obviously, you won’t get that experience with a $399 theater in box system. This will only happen with quality components, wiring and set up. Scared yet? Don’t be…yes…a home theater can cost a small fortune but you can get an amazing system for much less. We can design a system for any room and any budget. At Connection Solutions we sit down with our client and listen to what YOU want. We don’t tell you what you should want. Connection Solutions will gather all the details and what your expectations are and you tell us where your budget is and we design and install the highest quality components available within your budget range. We represent most major brands and some so high tech and feature loaded you may have not heard of them! We specialize in high quality audio video that you won’t find at the big box store!