TV Installation

You’ve bought that new big screen TV and now it’s sitting on a piece of furniture; a piece of furniture that could be out of your way! Why not have your TV installed on the wall? Your next concern is likely…”I don’t like wires hanging down”. That’s why you call us. Let Connection Solutions handle your TV installation. We install TV’s of all sizes on all types of surfaces. When we install your TV you see a TV on the wall. You don’t see wires and boxes hanging down. As long as your walls are drywall or hollow we can normally hide all the wiring inside the wall. Over a rock fireplace or on a brick / block wall it does get trickier but with the use of wire mold we can still give you a neat, professional look. We provide flat mounts, tilting mounts and full motion mounts. We also install hidden mounts, mirror mounts, indoors and out!