Voice, Data & Wifi

How can you run your business if you can’t communicate with your customers and employees? All the internet or telephone company is going to do is get your services to the building. All of your phone outlets and data jacks have to go somewhere from there. That “somewhere” is a switch or series of switches and a patch panel located in a rack or IT closet in your facility. Hopefully, you’ve already hired us to complete your structured cabling. If so, we can simply finish what we started. Often, electricians have already ran the cable and we are called to terminate the cables and make it all work. We test every connection, label every wire and give you the map to assist you with future applications.

Another very important service is WiFi. In most applications a single wireless router from your ISP isn’t going to be adequate to handle all the network traffic and cover the entire facility. This is where we come in! With a series of Wireless Access Points (WAP), we can get full WiFi signal to every nook and cranny of your facility. We also work with several VOIP telephone services to provide all the communication infrastructure your business needs!