Whole Home Audio/Video

A whole home audio/video system is a great solution for distributed sound and picture throughout the home. Its great for someone who doesn’t want to see a ton of devices in every room. A whole home system starts with a rack in the basement, closet or other area where all your sources ( cable boxes, satellite receivers, audio server, streaming devices etc. ) are located. Individual rooms are outfitted with speakers and TV displays. Touch pads such as an iPad or smart phone control the entire system.

Want music in the kitchen, patio and living room but not in the bedroom where someone is sleeping? Simply select those rooms (zones) and select what you want to hear. If you had 6 TV’s in the house and wanted to watch a Blu-ray in the family room and in the bedroom, you’d select those 2 rooms and your movie is playing in both rooms! These systems can get quite complicated and are better suited for new construction. A retro fit is possible but more labor intensive. Much like a home theater, these systems can go from simple to elaborate so there’s no one size fits all solution. Call or stop by for a consultation and let us show you how amazing your new home can be!